College Counseling



College counseling at The New School is about finding the right fit for each student. There are over 3000 colleges and universities in the United States, not to mention great options around the world. Finding the right college is not just about US News & World Report rankings or prestigious names. Instead, it is about finding a place where the student will be successful in the classroom, engaged outside of it, and happy/fulfilled as a person. The college search and application process is a journey of self-discovery and reflection, not one of packaging and competition. As a student grows to better understand what he or she is looking for, the appropriate fit becomes more clear. The college search and application process at The New School is also student-centered and student-led. The student is the one applying to college, and while the college counselor, teachers, and parents are all resources to support the student, the student is in charge and the driving force.






Freshman Year
Students will:

  • Visit The University of Arkansas and consider what college can be
  • Take the PreACT to get a first feel for standardized testing and the ACT in particular
  • Lead a student-led conference and begin conversations about their passions--academic and non-academic--and explore careers which might be good fits

Sophomore Year
Students will:

  • Travel to Dallas or St. Louis to visit several colleges, so that they might be able to contrast different types of schools and gain a better understanding of what might be a good fit
  • Take the PSAT to get a better feel for the SAT and as practice for the PSAT the next year, when it serves as the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test
  • Start to craft a beginning list of colleges which interest them

Junior Year
Students will:

  • Travel to a different area to visit new colleges, either with the school or with their families
  • Take the PSAT, as a practice for the SAT and as the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test
  • Begin drafting the main college application essay
  • Compile a more definitive list of colleges to apply to
  • Take the ACT and/or SAT
  • Request letters of recommendations from teachers

Summer between Junior and Senior Year
Students will:

  • Complete the Common Application
  • Make visits to schools they are undecided about applying to
  • Begin work on supplemental essays
  • Finalize their college lists
  • Consider whether to apply Early Decision/Early Action/Regular Decision to each school

Senior Year
Students will:

  • Complete all applications and essays
  • Complete scholarship applications
  • Complete financial aid materials
  • Re-take the ACT or SAT if needed
  • Make any necessary final visits to schools
  • Select one college and pay the deposit
  • Select housing at their chosen college
  • Enroll in classes at their chosen college