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Innovation Center

Student Innovation Center

 Built in 2014, The New School's Maker Space and Innovation Center is a resource akin to a library that is available to everyone in our school community. In the Innovation Center, The New School community is invited to explore innovation, engineering, design, critical thinking and creation. In these spaces, students can bring ideas to life. 

In each of these spaces, students are the designers, researchers, creators, specialists and managers of each project. In these spaces, students learn how to communicate with other engineers during the many steps of the design process. 


East and West
These two modular spaces can be separated to accommodate multiple projects and groups, or combined to facilitate large-scale projects and teams. These spaces are considered "safe-zones" that don't require an intense amount of training to use, allowing it to be the perfect space for adolescent learners getting started with creation and making. In this space, students are allowed to explore and use equipment while still being closely monitored by faculty. 

Tasks and tools students might use in this space include: soldering, assembly, disassembly, 3D printing, laser cutting, circuit design, Arduino, VEX robotics and Lego robotics. 

Woodshop and Metalshop 
The objective of the wood shop and metal shop is to provide students with a space that is conducive and safe, while also providing them with an understanding of the specialized tools and machinery they would encounter in a professional engineering space. This space is designed for use of higher complexity materials including wood, aluminum, steel, copper, brass, plastics and concrete. 

Tools and machinery students might use in this space include: laser cutters, 3D printers, chop saw, miter saw, horizontal band saw, metal mill , drill press, miter saw, planer, jointer, sander, reciprocating sander, table saw and Arduino. 
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