Extended Day

The New School offers after-school care as part of each student’s yearly tuition, beginning at 3:30pm and ending at 5:30pm. Kindergarten through 6th graders enjoy unstructured free time under the supervision of trained college-aged staff members. Students also have access to study hall everyday of the week. We want our students to have fun in a safe environment as they wind down from the busy school day. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you have about our after-school program.

-Jonny Schremmer

Director of Activities & Extended Day



After-School 2017-2018


3:30-3:45 Snack in Classroom

3:45-4:30 KG Playground

4:30-5:30 KG Learning Center

(Weather Location – KG Learning Center)

1st & 2nd Grade

3:30-3:45 Snack in Classroom

3:45-4:20 Playground

4:20-4:55 Tech Lab

4:55-5:30 1st Grade Classrooms for Art/Games

(Weather Location – Dining Hall or Gym)

3rd & 4th Grade

3:30-3:45 Snack in Dining Hall

3:45-4:20 Tech Lab

4:20-4:55 Playground

4:55-5:30 3rd Grade Classrooms for Art/Games

(Weather Location – Dining Hall or Gym)

5th & 6th Grade

3:30-3:45 Snack in Classroom

3:45-4:30 Art & Games – Academic Center

4:30-5:30 Playground/Academic Center


Students are expected to maintain school day behavior during after-school hours. Parents will be notified at pickup if there were behavior issues. Recurring discipline problems may result in students taking a break from after-school.


The front office, after-school staff and program director communicate through a walkie-talkie app on school iPads called Voxer, and students are checked out by staff using an app called HiMama. Personal cell phone use by staff is strictly prohibited when supervising children. Students may only use their cell phones to contact parents or caregivers under direct supervision by staff.


After-school pick-up will take place at the main entrance of our administration building. For security purposes, the front office will take a photo of parents and those authorized to pick up your child. This system allows us to verify identities easily. Parents and caregivers will be asked to show ID the first time they pick up, and we ask for your cooperation in this effort. Only parents and caregivers whose names have been given to us will be allowed to pick up students. Those not on our list will be sent back to the front office and the parent will be contacted for permission before the child will be released. Only siblings who can drive are allowed to pick up students and must go through the front desk the first time. We ask that you do not take your child without letting a staff member know. You may also check in with the front desk and request that your child be sent to you.


The New School now has a late-pickup fee. A minimum fee of $15 will be charged per family whose child or children are not picked up by 5:30 pm. After 5:45 pm, $1 per minute will be charged. Please make every effort to pick up your child by 5:30 pm.